2019 1,000 Pieces of Art

Exhibition Winners

Thank you for your participation in the 2019 1,000 Pieces of Art Exhibition and congratulations to this year’s winners! We are excited to feature the artists listed in the table below in this year’s show. When you click on the title of a column it will sort the whole table alphabetically using that column. You can also search for a specific artist, school, teacher, title of art, grade or user email using the search bar above the right corner of the table to make it easy to find your winners.

If you have questions please email oc1000artpieces@gmail.com.

If you do see your name on the table below, please click the Congratulations button to see the details about the Reception on Saturday, May 4, 2019 in South Coast Plaza's Crate & Barrel Wing. If you are looking for the information about getting your artwork back, whether it was selected to be in the exhibition or not, please click the Returning Artwork button.

Your dedication to the Arts means so much, thank you!